VBS '09

VBS '09

Power Lab '08

Monday, June 1, 2009

God is With Us! FEAR NOT!

This is what we heard multiple times last night at night one of Crocodile Dock!
This week our kids will learn a nightly Bible point that is a wonderful reminder of Who God is.
Last night we learned that God is With us! And because of that we can "FEAR NOT!"
God is with us in the ups, the downs, and even when we're "swamped".

We had a huge night last night with 68 kids! Last year our first night was in the low 40's! I am thrilled that we have so many kids already attending to learn more about our amazing God. Please continue to pray with me for all of the kids in attendance as they learn God's word and experience Him this week.
Pray also for our workers and for myself as I attempt to help everything run as smoothly as possible.
We have the greatest workers in the world, and I am thankful for each and every one of them. Everyone that helps is contributing to the work of the kingdom, and I am so thankful for your examples of service.

Come back tonight for night 2 as we learn that God is....well I can't give that away, but I know that we'll say "FEAR NOT!".

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